Zoom has become a frequently used social software. However, even though many people still work from home and the demand for online collaboration is very effective, Zoom is still looking for new business growth points. The company seems to have set its sights on e-mail and calendar services.

In a way, video conferencing, email, and calendars are the perfect combination of modern work and productivity. Meeting links are usually delivered in the form of emails and added to the calendar, while appointments and emails usually appear in the form of meetings.

Zoom may be considering this integration, and its goal is the “next generation” email experience. Zoom is not the first company to be ambitious in this regard, but the company may really bring something new.

However, if you want to enter the field of email and calendar services, the road ahead for Zoom may not be easy. At present, Google and Microsoft still occupy the largest share of email and calendar services. Compared with Zoom, they are more in-depth and have been integrated into the corporate ecosystem.

There are reports that Zoom plans to launch an early version of its email service in 2021. In other words, the idea is clearly still in its early stages, and if it turns out to be unpopular, the service may not enter the public eye.



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