Samsung announced in the morning that Samsung The First Look 2021 event will be officially held on January 6 at 11 am EST, and it is expected to launch new display products and other parts. “Samsung Electronics is introducing innovative technologies to the screen viewing experience in an unprecedented form.

The First Look 2021 will reveal the latest products, technologies, and vision for the future of displays.” It can be seen from the invitation letter that there will be five products in The First Look 2021, such as new monitors or TVs.

Samsung has previously launched a 110-inch Micro LED TV with a 99.99% screen-to-body ratio, and the price is over one million yuan. Samsung’s technology was demonstrated at CES 2020.

The industry expects Samsung to also launch new products and technologies at CES 2021. Prior to this, Samsung may first reveal some new products or new technologies in The First Look 2021, which will be further displayed in CES 2021.


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