Hisense held an online press conference and officially released Hisense 5G reading mobile phone A7. Hisense 5G reading phone A7 uses a 6.7-inch screen with 300ppi. The side volume buttons on this phone can also be used as a page-turning button.

In terms of configuration, Hisense’s 5G reader phone A7 is equipped with a T7510 5G chip, a built-in 4770mAh battery, and supports 18W fast charging.

In addition, Hisense 5G reader phone A7 supports NSA/SA dual-mode 5G, supports domestic mainstream 5G frequency bands (N41/N78/N79), and seamless switching between 5G and 4G, and uses the new Wifi Mimo dual-antenna technology to support 5G hot spot sharing.

In terms of sound effects, Hisense’s 5G reader phone A7 is equipped with superlinear speakers, a dual-sound membrane structure design, and HIFI chip AK4377AECB.

Hisense 5G reading phone A7 supports the lock screen reading function. You can lock the screen on the reading interface of specific reading software such as JD Reading, Palm Reading, QQ Reading, Migu Reading, WeChat Reading, etc. The lock screen interface will display the current reading content. You can turn the page by double-clicking the screen, pressing the volume key, or pressing the Mozhi key to turn the whole screen.


This phone has a new alarm lock screen style, a new UI, support for 500 + icon customization, and a step-less adjustment of fonts. You can also press and hold the Mozhi key and speak to quickly open inspirational shorthand notes and directly record and convert them As text.

At the same time, Hisense 5G reader phone A7 supports dynamic refresh mode, classic mode, night backlight mode, and application bleaching modes.

  • Dynamic mode: Turn on dynamic mode, intelligently judge whether the current interface is in clear mode, if you swipe up and down the interface to browse or open the input method to input text, it will automatically switch to balanced mode to refresh at this time, and automatically switch back to clear mode after sliding stops, thereby reducing the interface The problem of frequent flickering during content sliding or text input.
  • Classic mode: For the color ink screen, turn on the classic mode, the system display is mainly black, white, and gray, and it changes to a black and white ink screen in seconds.
  • Application bleaching: Turn on the application bleaching function, the application page background will be automatically adjusted to be whiter, and the text will be automatically adjusted to be blacker, increasing the black and white contrast.
  • Dark night backlight mode: Optimize the current dark night mode, set an independent dimming interval, which is convenient for the user to manually adjust in this mode interval, and the screen will not appear too bright and dazzling under dark light.

At present, Hisense 5G reader phone A7 has been launched on the e-commerce platform to open an appointment, equipped with 6GB memory and 128GB body storage, and the price is 1999 yuan (305 USD).