Huawei today held the last Huawei whole-house smart and smart screen new product launch conference this year, announcing that Huawei has taken further steps in the smart home, whole-house smart, smart screen, and automotive fields.

Based on the smart screen X series and V series, the brand-new S series products are launched again, which are positioned similar to the nova series in Huawei mobile phones, focusing on the young trend. The price of the new product has not yet been announced and will be updated later.

At the press conference, Huawei launched the Huawei ALL IN ONE solution, launched a whole-house smart host, and united more than 42 companies to jointly customize the PLC-IoT standard, which will be officially commercialized in March next year.

In addition, Huawei also announced a new upgrade of HarmonyOS, enabling mobile TVs to be connected unimpeded, and large screens and small screens collaborate.

Huawei Smart Screen S Pro uses a 75-inch 4K screen, supports 120Hz refresh rate, is equipped with Huawei Honghu 818 chip, runs HarmonyOS 2.0, supports 1080P high-definition smooth communication, Hongmeng distributed games, one-touch projection, smart K song, German Rheinland protection Eye authentication, smart home control, magnetic AI camera, 180-degree rotation design, more vision, privacy protection, and other features.

This smart screen is blessed by the four major technologies of the Honghu image quality engine. The Huawei Smart Screen S Pro is smooth and has no afterimages, and the picture details are clearly presented. Intelligent and accurate color grading, delicate and attractive frames, and passed the dual eye protection certification of TÜV Rheinland for low blue light and no flicker.

Huawei Smart Screen S Pro has 4*10W high-power speakers, 1L large sound cavity, transparent and delicate treble, mild and full mid-frequency, deep and surging bass, virtual sound field expansion, greatly improving the immersion of viewing movies, and can also be combined with HUAWEI Sound smart speakers Set up a distributed audio system to bring users the shocking sound effect like a 3D cinema. In addition, Huawei’s Smart Screen S series also includes two models with 55-inch and 65-inch versions.

In terms of content, the smart screen S series gathers five major platforms: Huawei Video, Kumiao, Mango TV, Aurora TV, and PP Sports. It supports AiMax theaters, tens of millions of music libraries, etc., and supports distributed games, education, nursing, and office. In specific applications, distributed education can realize classes on large screens and control on small screens, and the service transfer function can realize the seamless connection between mobile phones and smart screens.


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