Google’s RCS (enhanced text messaging) is the next important step in information communication, but operators have repeatedly delayed the development so that Google has made its own claim to promote RCS through its own application. Every Android phone in the world. Now, Google’s RCS promotion is being extended to the second application-Samsung Messages.

Samsung Messages is the default text messaging app on Galaxy smartphones. It has long supported RCS and common profiles, but only if the operator supports the new standard.

That some users now see Google RCS support in their Samsung Messages app. Samsung first announced this news in April this year, but the feature has only now begun to be rolled out to users.

Just like in the Google Messages application, the RCS Chat in Samsung Messages first appears in a pop-up window, asking the user to agree to the terms of using the feature. Then, the user and any other phone numbers that have also registered a common profile support rich format chats, whether using Google RCS or operator services.


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