The electric car manufacturer Canoo in Los Angeles, USA, released a pure electric van called MPDV on the 17th of this month. MPDV is the abbreviation of “Multi-Functional Electric Vehicle”. The car has a low-key appearance in black and gray, and the corners of the body are similar to Tesla’s super trucks. The company will be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange next week. This is the second model launched by the company.

This car is aimed at business users, such as small logistics companies, express companies, and retailers. The company said that this model aims to provide maximum production efficiency, first-class transportation capacity, and reasonable cost.

This car is available in two sizes: MPDV1 and MPDV2. The former is 1.89 meters high and the cargo container volume is approximately 5.67 cubic meters; the latter is 2.56 meters high and the volume is approximately 12.7 cubic meters.

The interior design of Canoo MPDV models is very simple and sci-fi, without any extra parts. The huge windshield provides a good view. The chairman of the company said that the design of this vehicle fully takes into account the driver’s ergonomics and pays attention to details, helping the driver to be happier and more efficient during driving.

In terms of power, both cars are equipped with a permanent magnet motor with up to 200 horsepower and front-wheel drive. Both vehicles provide battery options of 80KWh, 60KWh, and 40KWh.

The MPDV1 model has a maximum cruising range of 370 kilometers and a maximum unladen cruising range of 482 kilometers. The MPDV2 model has a smaller cruising range due to the larger model. The Canoo MPDV van starts at USD 33,000 and will start production in 2022, and mass production will begin in 2023.


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