Apple seeks cancellation of Broadcom’s $ 1.1 billion fine for Wi-Fi patent infringement

Apple and Broadcom are attempting to jointly overturn the results of the California Institute of Technology Wi-Fi patent trial in January 2020, which resulted in a total fine of US$1.1 billion for the two companies.

A new document filed by Apple and Broadcom on Thursday urged the court to overturn the outcome of the trial. The complaint stated that the original judgment contained “multiple legal errors.

The patent trial concluded in January 2020 found that Apple and Broadcom infringed the WiFi patent owned by the California Institute of Technology. Apple sought to invalidate its core patent in March but failed.

During the trial, Caltech lawyers believed that in 2010, hypothetical licensing transactions for chips used in iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and other products would bring each device to Apple about $1.4 in revenue and provide Broadcom. The company brings in a revenue of 26 cents. The jury used this calculation method, applying a fine of US$838 million to Apple and an incidental fine of US$270 million to Broadcom.

According to Law 360, the California Institute of Technology stated that the actions of Apple and Broadcom have been “really shocking.” California Institute of Technology asked the court to push the fine to more than $2.2 billion after calculating the lawyer and compensation.

In August, the judge only increased the fine by $66 million, on the grounds that he would wait to calculate the additional costs before the appeal was processed.

Apple usually gets into some kind of legal battle because of a patent or antitrust issues. At present, the most-watched trial is Apple’s lawsuit against Epic, because Epic Games tried to open its own app store on Apple’s platform.

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