Parallels have now released a technical preview version of Parallels Desktop 16, which can run on Mac computers equipped with the M1 chip. The company stated that it has created a “new virtualization engine that uses Apple M1 Mac chip hardware-assisted virtualization” to allow users to run Arm-based operating systems, such as Windows, in the virtual devices.

Users can now visit Microsoft’s official website to download the Insider Preview version of Windows, and then they can happily use Win10 arm on Apple Silicon Mac. If you have not joined the Insider Preview program, you need to apply through this link.

Some of the limitations of Parallels 16 Technology Preview Beta1 include:

  • The Intel x86-based operating system cannot be installed or started in the virtual machine.
  • It is not possible to suspend and resume virtual machines, including reverting to a “running state” snapshot.
  • When the virtual machine is running, it is impossible to use the “close” button-but to shut down the virtual machine.
  • ARM32 applications cannot work in a virtual machine.

After testing by online users @Qin Huai Yi Meng, under Parallels Desktop 16, the 3D acceleration and seamless mode running Windows 10 are completely normal, and you can play games.


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