Google will officially allow old Macs and PCs to run ChromeOS

In the past five years, a company called Neverware, through its CloudReady software, has allowed individuals, schools, and businesses to basically turn their old PCs and Macs into Chromebooks.

The advantage of this operating system is that it extends the life of computers that would otherwise be obsolete. This week, Google acquired Neverware, and now plans to turn CloudReady into the official version of the Chrome operating system.

Neverware said its existing users will be able to seamlessly upgrade to the updated software. In addition, once this transition is completed, Google will support CloudReady in the same way it currently supports Chrome OS. In the near future, Neverware said it’s business as usual. 

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The home version of CloudReady has not changed, and the company said it will be committed to supporting existing education and corporate customers. In addition, there are currently no plans to change pricing, and Google will respect any current multi-year authorizations. However, Google does not officially support the CloudReady operating system, which is one of the few shortcomings of the software. 

This means that you cannot install Android apps on CloudReady devices, even though it is based on the Chromium operating system. But through this acquisition, the possibility of supporting Android applications has become greater. Direct support from Google will also make the software more attractive to schools and businesses.

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